In 2016, I somehow immersed myself in baking, a small fish in a big ocean, still trying to navigate her way around the vast waters.

Baking hit me like a smooth criminal the day I baked bread for the first time. After having been borderline obsessed with bread for a decade and having it as a childhood dream to bake one someday, I acknowledge it as a milestone.

To put it too simply, it changed my life. Bread, did. As I started blogging about the breads I’d make and the recipes I’d come up with, I met people as enthusiastic about food, cooking, baking, as me; and sometimes more.

In retrospect, it has been a breathtaking journey, where I’m continually refraining from assigning any destination to it. May it be an endless path of learning, discovery, and exploration. An adventure I did not expect to sweep me off my feet, a path I wish there’s no return from.

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