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Articles – Things you wish you knew earlier.


Bread Recipes – There’s a reason they call me Breadyusha. This section is reflective of my obsession with bread. It covers some of my easiest bread recipes and even the healthy breads that I so rely on!


Breakfast Recipes – Look into what you can have for breakfast without having to spend a lot of time! All of my breakfast recipes cover items that are not only easy but very quick to make! Don’t believe? Check and find out.


Cake and Desserts – I was never a cake or dessert person due to some dental issues. But boy, once I knew how to make some amazing cakes that hardly require any effort? There has been no going back!


Cookies – What’s so difficult about them? Absolutely nothing!


Healthy Recipes – What? You think healthy eating cannot be delicious? Are you sure you’re on the right website? Because healthy, delicious eating is how I’ve been able to shed 22 kilos! I’m sure you’ll find my healthy recipes of some help or the other.


Indian Recipes – I do dabble in Indian cooking every now and then. But I keep it simple and limit the ingredients to 5-7, salt included. That way I can appreciate the flavour of an ingredient and what it brings to the food item.


Korean Recipes – Being a stark disciple of Maangchi, the YouTube goddess of Korean cooking, I


Savoury Recipes – My looove, my liiiife. Savoury to me is what desserts are to people with a sweet tooth.


Smoothies and Beverages – Something for summer? Post-work out smoothie or a smoothie to snack on? I’ve got you covered.


Spreads, Jams, and Condiments – Yes! You can make these yourself and rid your shelf of a lot of preservatives and additives.

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